Just how many guilds does Territ have, anyway?

As many of you are probably aware by now, Territ does not have just one guild; In fact we have three. You may have seen people running around with "[Subterrit]" or "[Territ Enhancement Suite]" guild tags above their heads and wondered who they were. Both Subterrit and Territ Enhancement Suite are official sister guilds of Territ, and each has a purpose.

Our Guilds:

  • Territ:

The original guild for redditors, Territ exists to bring players together, help them find parties, and give them a sane channel to chat in (Because we all know how wonderful /area is). Territ is a casual guild with open recruitment and no membership requirements.

  • Subterrit:

Subterrit was created as an overflow guild once the main Territ guild filled up. Now that TERA has launched, we will be merging Subterrit members back into Territ, and keeping Subterrit as a guild for our alts.

  • Territ Enhancement Suite:

TES is Territ's answer to Hardcore PvP. It is a smaller guild with controlled entry (read: You will be screened before acceptance into the guild) and a focus on PvP combat.

As of Today Saturday, 2012 May 5:

  • Territ will be ejecting all players who participated in Open Beta, but have not logged on since then. These players most likely did not purchase the game, and are just taking up space in the guild. If you logged on even once since the Headstart period began, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Subterrit members should move their main character over to the main Territ guild. The fastest way to leave Subterrit is to type "/gquit" (without the quotations) and then apply to Territ from the Guilds On Server pane. Territ is full again. Subterrit is back to being overflow. Sorry! We'll periodically clear out inactive Territ members so people can move over.
  • Members with more than one character already in Territ should move the additional ones over to Subterrit. Subterrit is the new home for Territ alts.
  • Members wishing to join TES can apply through the Guilds On Server pane. Please be at least level 40 60 before submitting your application.

If you have questions or comments you can contact the following people in-game:

  • Sekhmet - Guild Lead for Territ
  • Elbrar - Guild Lead for Subterrit
  • Sylley - Guild Lead for Territ Enhancement Suite

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