TERA: Rising

TERA: Rising is out, and that means free to play is upon us! We hope you're all enjoying the game as much as we are.

This is just a brief notice about what we're planning on doing in the near future. I just want to touch on a few quick things: 3v3 Arena static groups, Instance static groups, and Inactivity Kicking.

3v3 Arena Static Groups: With the new 3v3 Arenas, including a properly ranking system, some of us want to get more into the PvP aspect of this game. While you're always welcome to ask in /g chat if anybody wants to run with you, it would be wise to form static groups to get proper rankings. I want to help facilitate matching up people with appropriate classes and similar availability schedules being able to form groups. This will not happen until at least this weekend (February 9th) so we can get an idea of how many level 60 players we have active and what classes they are.

Instance Static Groups: In a similar vein as the 3v3 Arena static groups, I want to help people set up instance groups. Myself and I'm sure other level 60s will be more than happy to run with new players to get them up to speed on the instances. This may happen this weekend as well, or it might get slipped by a week since it's harder to get 5 people organized than 3.

Inactivity Kicking: This entire paragraph is subject to approval from Katarina. This text has been approved as our current policy. We're going to go with 2 weeks of not signing on (according to the "Last Connected" column in the guild list after clicking the "Notes" button), unless we are informed ahead of time. We are not going to start inactivity kicking until next weekend (February 16th) to give people sufficient time to start playing again in the full free to play experience. Characters less than or equal to level 11 are subject to being kicked after 7 days of inactivity.

More details about static groups will be coming in the next few days, but we'll likely use some threads on /r/territ to manage discussion.

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