SocialGamer Privacy Policy

In lieu of an extremely long, boring privacy policy that nobody would ever read, I'll just spell out what we will and will not do with your personal information.

We will:

  • Collect, store, and verify email addresses for the sole purpose of identity verification and opt-in announcements. (Note that there presently is not a way to opt-in to announcements, which means there will not be announcements until there is a way to opt-in.)
  • Encrypt passwords with a one-way hash using a salt as soon as they arrive on our server so that it is impossible for anyone to recover the plaintext.
  • Keep logs with the Internet Protocol Address of every computer which accesses any of our Services. This information cannot generally be used to pinpoint your location.
  • Periodically review logs of conversations that take place on our chat services.
  • Use cookies to store a secure pointer to your login information on either an opt-in long-term basis or a mandatory short-term basis.
  • Require the use of encrypted HTTPS to view any page on our website that requires using your password, or making changes to your account.

We will not:

  • Share any personal information (including email addresses) or logs with any third parties.
  • Use any information in our databases or logs for any purpose not expressly related to the operation of the website or services.
  • Remove any account information from our database for any reason whatsoever.
  • Send you any unsolicited email unless you have opted in (as noted above).