RP blog

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a RP blog on tumblr with Selnes as the ruler of the blog. check it out!! if that doesn't work just search for high-elf-of-shara

I'm still here!

So long time no post updates. The guild is going strong and I'm happy to announce we are now a part of Enlightened Union Alliance. Guild runs are going good and lots of new regular members and I hope it stays that way! Keep chugging along my little Tera-ians. :)

Fate of Arun

The new content is upon us! What's the fastest way to level? by being with your guild of course! Please plan on doing quests as a group and running dungeons as often as possible. I will be on everynight after 6pm CST and most of the day on the weekends.

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