Inactive Member Purges

In order to keep guild applications open as often as possible, Territ will be removing characters from the guild who have not connected in three weeks or more. These slots could be given to new members who play every day. We understand that many of you play on multiple servers or characters, but if you're not going to use your spot in Territ, we want to give it to someone who will.

The first purge will happen on Friday, May 25. The cutoff will be characters who have not played TERA since Saturday, May 5. If you want to make sure that you're not kicked, all you need to do is log that character in once before Friday. In the future, maintaining your membership can be as simple as logging in for a few seconds every other week.

After this initial purge, inactive members will be removed on a daily basis. The cutoff will remain at three weeks.

With the new slots opened by the inactivity purge, priority will be given to members of Subterrit, our second guild, who wish to transfer over. Following that, if there are still free slots, we will open up guild applications again. As always, if and when Territ is full you can apply to Subterrit.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about the new policy you can contact Sekhmet or Elbrar in-game, or join us in chat at any time.

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