TES Updated Vanarchy Plans

Hi there, Sylley here.

So a few things have changed since the previous News post about Vanarchy. First off, because I did not understand how the system works, our plans have had to change accordingly. We will no longer be running for Ostagarath and instead have turned our eyes towards Veritas District (or Bastion as TES members have dubbed it because that is easier to say). As such, we will be running in the Southern Shara region with Veritas as our first pick. Voting begins in about a week, so don't be silly, vote for Sylley!

In other news, I know myself and a few others have been taking some what of a short break from Tera and enjoying ourselves in Diablo 3, but we will be back soon! I promise! Just gotta kill Diablo for the 100th time =P. Anyways, I look forward to seeing all of your pretty faces in Tera soon enough :D.

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