This page is defunct. You should do the crafting quests.

We would like to focus our crafting effort into getting one person to crafting level 410 in each of the trades (leatherworking, tailoring, weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, and focuscrafting). These designated crafters will craft things for you, if you supply the materials. Once we have one person in each of the trades to 410, we will help other people get to 410.

To this end, we strongly urge you to drop any Archrunes you have into the Guild Bank. These are extremely difficult to acquire at level 60, as they drop from level 40 - 50 mobs and dungeons, and drop rates are nerfed when you're overlevel.

Our current designated crafters are as follows:
  • Leatherworking - Unclaimed
  • Tailoring - Evangeline
  • Weaponsmithing - Elbrar
  • Focuscrafting - Milkbuns
  • Armorsmithing - Unclaimed