Hey guys, Ahri from Jagged Coast here! Hope you are enjoying your experience in TERA thus far!

Cultists Refuge

This Guide is for the “Cultists’ Refuge” Dungeon south of Tulufan. This dungeon is the level 38 dungeon (though it can be done by levels 35+), and one of the last things you do before you leave the first continent. I have run this dungeon somewhere around 25 times, and thought I would give you a basic strategy for how to tackle it, as a few of the pulls can be tricky if you aren’t ready. The map above is labeled alphabetically in order of the rooms you need to do. Also, BE SURE TO OPEN THE SEALS IN ROOM “A” AND AFTER GALANOS (always forget this -.-)!

NOTE: I highly recommend that your party had either a Sorc or a Berseker for this dungeon. You really need the AOE for a few of the pulls, and while you don’t HAVE to have these, they are very beneficial.

So lets dive right in!

Room A: After running into the instance you will pass the small platform with the friendly people standing on it. Continue straight up the stairs. After dodging the Indiana Jones spikes, you will see a few minions that your sorc or zerker should make short work of. There is also one larger guy who flies around and is annoying, kill him, and make sure someone activates the stone in the middle of the room. You should the message “The East Gate Opens”. Head back out and make a left.

Room B: This room gets a little bit tricky. You will see three sets of barrels and a few guys who walk back and forth, with a Prelate at the far end. Upon entering the room, hug the wall and make your way around to the left (north). There will be two sets of trash mobs (labelled 1 and 2 in the pictures). They aren’t too difficult, dust them off first. After they are dead, return to the entrance.

Just south of the entrance you will see a row of barrels with some smaller archers standing by them. Have your ranged dps attack the barrels and they should all explode, dealing ~40% damage to the archers. Nuke down these archers and heal up. The next pull is one of the most annoying pulls in the instance. There is the set of barrels and enemies in the middle of the room. Have a ranged attack a barrel, it will explode and deal damage to the enemy mystics standing around. These guys are very annoying. They have and AOE explosion spell, they don’t aggro very cleanly, and tend to run straight for the healer. Try to do as much damage as possible when they are knocked down from the barrels, then focus them down as fast as possible. If you succeed at this pull, you are probably prepared to finish the entire dungeon. Last, pull the last set of archers with the last set of barrels on the left side, then the random trash mobs on the right side. Finally, kill the Prelate blocking the doorway. It is important that you clear the whole room before fighting the prelate, as he causes all of the other enemies in the room to attack you if you attack him first. Continue through the door and on to the next room.

(the screenshot got cut off, but the first pull of archers is over to the right. you can see the barrel at the end of the row in the shot.)

Room C: This room is filled with approximately 71928301123098091 small guys, a few mid-sized guys, and some fatties that sit still and do nothing but call the small guys and punish you if you get too close. Unfortunately, you will have to kill all of the small guys in this room in order to continue. If you damage or get close to the large guys, they will aggro a large group of the small minions to attack you. You do not, however, have to kill the larger guys with the spinning bars. After you clear out the small guys, have your lancer chain the fatty blocking the door at the far side out of the way so you can get through. If you have a warrior, either have everyone dash by the blocking guy or just have your ranged dps kill him.

Room D: NOTE: This room can be completely skipped if you do not need the quest! Simply hug the wall to the right and run to the next room.
This room is filled with mobs similar to the left side of Room B, simply pull them two at a time and fight them, nothing too difficult. Once these guys are down, start the quest, and defend the girl. It is similar to every other one of the defend the person quests you have done since the beginning of the game.

Galanos (aka MC Hammer): You have made it to your first boss! Also, you have finished the bulk of the trash for this dungeon. Galanos is pretty simple, he fights like most difficult fights. He will occasionally say “Feel the mercy of my iron mace!” which is pretty much akin to “STOP! Hammer time!” after which he will do a large AOE attack that will HEAVILY damage anyone squishy. This attack is interruptible and should be stopped or dodged by any means possible. His other special move he will run to the center of the room and spawn adds. This is also interruptible, and can be stopped by lancer chain or a sleep from the healer. The adds aren’t game-breaking, and are about as memorable as the other guys who wore MC Hammer Pants, but weren't the MC himself. If they do spawn, simply have your AOE clean them up before continuing the boss. After this fight it is VERY EASY to forget to activate the statue to open the door on the far side. DON’T FORGET :P

Room E: Run back the way you came, be careful to not fight the guys you skipped in Room D. Run back through past the first stairs you ran up to Room A, and into Room E (if you are on the red quest chain for this area, be sure to check in at the base camp during this pass). This room is not too difficult if you take it slow, but gets hairy VERY quickly if you pull too many enemies or hit any of the mystics in the room. Have your ranged try to pull one enemy at a time. This will end up pulling two at a time, as they come in pairs. The only tricky ones when using this method is the sorcerers, as they have a DoT that can be quite deadly. Your healer should be able to cleanse this DoT. Take the room slowly until you know what your group is capable of! After all of the guys in the floor area are clear, you can fight the Prelate blocking the door. When fighting him, run by him into the passage on the far side, then drag him there to fight. if you do this, then it is not necessary to kill the three prelates on the stage to the south.

Room F: There are a couple mobs on the way from E to F, fight them as normal. Room F, ah yea, Room F. How I love thee. Room F contains one of the best enemies I have fought so far. This room is filled with hundreds of little scorpions and a few minions, split into four quadrants. You can just clear one side, i.e. 2 quadrants, though it is fairly easy to accidentally pull one of the other groups if you do this. If you are confident that you aren’t about to die, I recommend that you get hit by these scorpions, as they give you a fun little debuff that I hope they include in much more of the game. I prefer you discover what the debuff is, but for completeness I will put what it does at the end of this article :]

Bhaozurbas: The first time you run this dungeon, you will probably not be able to get in this room yet, as such I will save this fight for the end.

Room G: This room can sometimes be skipped by hugging the wall to the left, but sometimes the minions are a bit too close. You never need to clear the entire room, thought you may have to kill the minions who come at you when sneaking by. But for the most part the minions are just straight forward AoE packs.

High Priest Akia (aka Mrs. Puff): In High Priest Akia’s room, you will just see some poor, terrified woman who was trapped there by the evil priest and you have to help.

When you talk to her to try to help, she will go all kinds of Mrs. Puff on you and start swelling up until she becomes demonic and it turns out it was just High Priest Akia in disguise. Though her disguise is very convincing, she is not a very tough fight, basically, don’t stand in her AoE and you will be fine. She has now been updated and will actually drop loot! Yay loot! She will also open the east gate which leads down to the “final” boss.

Terkasia (aka Tentacle Monster): If you are a fan of Japanese Adult Entertainment, this boss should make you feel right at home. This boss is a flying tentacle beast who will get very mad and explode every so often. DPS/heals should never be in front of her if at all possible, as she randomly flies forward with annoying regularity. She has a few powerful attacks, but nothing to be super scared of. As for her basic animations she has a standard attack, an AoE sweeping attack, a strong frontal attack and she can rotate til she is flat and drive around.
But when she flips upside down, RUN AWAY. It will flash on screen "I tire of these irritations!", and she will drop down a big green AOE around her which will silence you, then she does a spinning move that will more or less one shot your party. (remember that silence in this game means NO SPELLS can be cast, not even combo attack or fireball or whatever your basic move is. No teleport, nothing.) If you have a Mystic, be sure you have a decent amount of red orbs around for those who get stuck in the AOE and for yourself so you can cleanse quickly after the silence goes off. Other than that, keep the DPS safe and try to dodge her heavy attacks.

After this boss, you have to talk to the guy who is awkwardly waiting there when you finish tentacle monster, then explode the large rock structure with the charges he gives you. After this you get a key to take back to the entrance to Bhaozurbas. Use the key on the floating rock thingy above and to the left of the door. This will open a “distant door” which, conveniently enough, is actually right in front of you.

Bhaozurbas (aka Manta Style): This guy is another awesome aspect of this dungeon. He will teleport occasionally, and has a few powerful attacks, and a ranged AoE. He is a fairly simple tank n spank boss, until he decides that “all that is not argon shall perish” at which point he runs into the middle of the room and makes several clones of himself that appear at the edge of the room. THIS ABILITY CAN BE INTERRUPTED, BUT IT IS HARD TO DO SO. These clones don’t take damage, but dealing damage to them does make them despawn faster. If you see a circle around you, GET OUT OF IT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Typically one appears, then every other one of the guys use the same ability right on top and one person will get destroyed. Try to dps safely on the clones and run around the outside of the circle until they despawn. This should only take about 10-20 seconds, depending on the damage done to them. When the clones despawn, let the tank get aggro again and continue fighting.

Note: If you have a warrior tank for Bhaozurbas, he can use his shadow warrior skill to aggro the clones to the middle of the room, where they will promptly kill each other. One strong benefit to warrior tanking!

The mystic pull in room B is one of the more difficult pulls in the place. As I said, having a sorcerer or zerker goes a long way in this dungeon, as most of the pulls are conducive to having some big AoE. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer! Good luck!

Sean Alderson
Ahri on Jagged Coast
lysdxc on reddit/IRC

P.S. I will be adding more screenshots to this guide as necessary!

P.S.S. The scorpion debuff: the debuff that the scorpions give you will make it so that all of your movements are reversed. it is really a great mechanic and makes you think about what you are doing instead of just doing it intuitively. I leigitimately enjoy this buff and hope it is included in some more challenging situations :D