Territ Needs Your Archrunes!

Rather than force each of you to level up your own crafting abilities, some of the Territ mods have volunteered to do it for you. They've agreed to craft gear for the rest of us, on the condition that we help them level their skills.

To help them level up their skills faster, we need Archrunes! These are dropped by almost all mobs between levels 40 and 50, but extremely time consuming to farm as the drop rate is reduced for high level characters.

We are asking all of you in the 40-50 range to please deposit any Archrunes (of Shara, Arun, or Titans) into the Guild Bank to help us out. We can also use the Rowan, Kran, and Glora runes, which drop in the same level range.

If everyone who hits level 40 hands in just a few runes, we'll have people leveled up in no time. Thank you!

Edit Sat, 7 Jul 2012 18:02:00 -0700 by Elbrar: I've made a list of people doing the crafting for us. If you have something high-level you want crafted, and you have the supplies (and possibly design) for it, just let one of them know.

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