The Farm is Right

Back when we were Vanarch on Jagged Coast, we gave away all of the tax money in a The Price is Right style. We'll do that again if we're elected Vanarch here on Mount Tyrannas, and to demonstrate how it works, we're going to run a similar event in the days before the election begins.

Since we have no tax money to give away, we're going to go with another way to get a random amount of gold. I, Elbrar
, will go into Balder's Temple, normal and hard mode, and kill all the sloths to the left of the entrance and vendor all of the drops. This is the amount of gold we're going to use for determining a winner. Simply be the person with the guess closest to, without going over, the amount of gold (ignoring silver and copper) that I get from this farming run. Send your guess to Elbrar via in-game post before 7 PM PST (server time) on Thursday, February 14 (the time when Nexus would start if there would be Nexus on Thursday).

How to participate

Send an in-game post with your guess to Elbrar
before 7 PM PST (server time) on Thursday, February 14. Only your first guess will count. You may guess from any alts you may have.

Nitty-gritty Details

  • This entire process will be streamed at at some point during the evening on Thursday, February 14th, probably around 7 PM PST, but I can make no guarantees as to when I will be home from work. The cutoff for entries is exactly 7 PM PST regardless of when the stream starts.
  • I will empty everything from my inventory into the bank except for unbankable items and my Village Atlas, including all of my gold.
  • All of the Lazy Sloths and Elite Lazy Sloths from the area to the left of the entrance in Balder's Temple normal and hard modes will be killed, and all of the drops looted.
  • I will be using 100% Gold Hunter Boost while doing this.
  • Before vendoring any items, I will make a note of how much gold dropped directly. The character who guessed closest to this amount without going over will receive said amount and a 1,000 gold bonus.
  • After vendoring all items, the character who guessed closest to the total amount of gold from direct gold drops and vendoring all items will receive that much gold and a 2,000 gold bonus.
  • If there is an exact guess for the amount of gold for either target, the pot for that target gains a 1,000 gold bonus.
  • You make only one guess for both targets.
  • If there are multiple characters with a winning guess, they will split the gold pot evenly.
  • Money will be transferred preferably by trade to avoid the postage on the large sum of money, but winner need not be present.
  • Since there is no way to know who is an alt and who is not, players may enter with all of their characters if they so desire.
  • This contest is open to all characters on Mount Tyrannas, regardless of level or guild, except for characters on my own account.
  • Only your first guess will be counted! If you send me additional guesses, they will be ignored.
  • In the event that there is no winner, I shall keep the money, because it means you were all so silly as to not guess 1 gold on an alt.


  • If any Locked Strongboxes drop, they will not count toward the total as they are not vendorable.

Good luck!