Need easy xp?

Want an easy and quick way to get a lot of xp to level up? Do alliance quests!. Under 60 you can do the collecting quests and party with a 60 and do the small mobs quests. Easy and should take less than 10 min!

This week

So you guys know I will not be around much this week to do guild runs. I will still be here for nexus most nights. I have other obligations I have to take care of. I will be here of course all weekend!

Guild Run Schedule

I will be making a schedule and posting it to google docs for times for guild runs so everyone is on the same page. The times will be for Central time, as that is where i live. All times are tentive and i wont be there for all of them as I do have a job and a family.

Alliance Stuff

Anyone interested in doing alliance stuff such as pvp please get in contact with me

Guild Run

Hey guys wanting to let you know that when you are up to 60 and geared, you can join us for our nightly Rift's Edge Hard Mode run after nexus. And once you are at ilvl 182 or more, you can join in our Abcess Hard Mode learning runs. Even if you're just 60, you can join us for nexus!