The Tax Is Right

Hurray, we won a Vanarch seat. As promised, we're going to give away our tax money. We're going to do it in a The Price Is Right style, in that whomever guesses how much tax money we've made in a week gets the pot. Full details are available.

Territ Needs Your Archrunes!

Rather than force each of you to level up your own crafting abilities, some of the Territ mods have volunteered to do it for you. They've agreed to craft gear for the rest of us, on the condition that we help them level their skills.

To help them level up their skills faster, we need Archrunes! These are dropped by almost all mobs between levels 40 and 50, but extremely time consuming to farm as the drop rate is reduced for high level characters.

We are asking all of you in the 40-50 range to please deposit any Archrunes (of Shara, Arun, or Titans) into the Guild Bank to help us out. We can also use the Rowan, Kran, and Glora runes, which drop in the same level range.

If everyone who hits level 40 hands in just a few runes, we'll have people leveled up in no time. Thank you!

Edit Sat, 7 Jul 2012 18:02:00 -0700 by Elbrar: I've made a list of people doing the crafting for us. If you have something high-level you want crafted, and you have the supplies (and possibly design) for it, just let one of them know.

Territ Is Running For Vanarch!

The Third Circle of Vanarchs is approaching and this time Territ is participating. Unfortunately the character limit in the in-game statement section is very small, so I wanted to print a more detailed version here.

We are running for Vanarchy on the continent of Arun, in the provinces of Poporia, Arcadia, and The Island of Dawn, respectively. We are participating via election rather than GvG.

All of our tax money will be returned to the community through regular Lotto-style giveaways, preferably to new players who could really benefit from it. We are a large guild with many active players; We neither need nor want your gold, and this is our way of giving back.

Zone taxes will remain at 1% for the entire duration of our reign, and aim to keep all NPCs running with priority to Skill Trainers, Trade Brokers, and Specialty Stores.

Once again:

  • 1% taxes
  • All tax money returned to the community via lotto
  • Aiming for 100% NPC uptime with priority to Skill Trainers, Trade Brokers, and Specialty Stores

Voting begins in one week (on Friday, July 6th at 6 PM PDT). Remember to vote and encourage your friends to do the same! For non members, we hope you'll consider voting for us in Arun and look forward to serving you as Vanarchs.

Going On Vacation

At 4 AM on Saturday, June 16th, I am boarding and airplane and leaving the country. My wife and I are going on a cruise for our honeymoon and won't be returning until Sunday, June 24th.

In my absence, I will be leaving Brian in charge of the guild. I think Brian is a pretty cool guy. eh heals people and doesn't afraid of anything. I'm sure he'll make a fantastic mess do an excellent job, so please give him the same respect you'd show me.

This means, unfortunately, that Territ will not be running in the Second Circle of Vanarchs. In order to transfer Guild Master to Brian, we cannot be registered in the Vanarch system, so we will just have to sit this one out.

Try not to miss me!

Alliance Details

Since there is no reason to not make this public information to you guys, I would like to officially announce our alliance with Thirsty and Southern Legends. Both these guilds are looking forward to helping us in our goal of conquest over Jagged Coast. So if you happen upon any of their members, be sure to say hello and be on your best behavior! Also look for them during vanarchy and be sure to vote accordingly! -Sylley