TES Updated Vanarchy Plans

Hi there, Sylley here.

So a few things have changed since the previous News post about Vanarchy. First off, because I did not understand how the system works, our plans have had to change accordingly. We will no longer be running for Ostagarath and instead have turned our eyes towards Veritas District (or Bastion as TES members have dubbed it because that is easier to say). As such, we will be running in the Southern Shara region with Veritas as our first pick. Voting begins in about a week, so don't be silly, vote for Sylley!

In other news, I know myself and a few others have been taking some what of a short break from Tera and enjoying ourselves in Diablo 3, but we will be back soon! I promise! Just gotta kill Diablo for the 100th time =P. Anyways, I look forward to seeing all of your pretty faces in Tera soon enough :D.

Inactive Member Purges

In order to keep guild applications open as often as possible, Territ will be removing characters from the guild who have not connected in three weeks or more. These slots could be given to new members who play every day. We understand that many of you play on multiple servers or characters, but if you're not going to use your spot in Territ, we want to give it to someone who will.

The first purge will happen on Friday, May 25. The cutoff will be characters who have not played TERA since Saturday, May 5. If you want to make sure that you're not kicked, all you need to do is log that character in once before Friday. In the future, maintaining your membership can be as simple as logging in for a few seconds every other week.

After this initial purge, inactive members will be removed on a daily basis. The cutoff will remain at three weeks.

With the new slots opened by the inactivity purge, priority will be given to members of Subterrit, our second guild, who wish to transfer over. Following that, if there are still free slots, we will open up guild applications again. As always, if and when Territ is full you can apply to Subterrit.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about the new policy you can contact Sekhmet or Elbrar in-game, or join us in chat at any time.

Territ and the Vanarchy

In just two short days, on Friday the 18th of May, the first cycle of TERA's political system begins. That means guilds across the server will soon be vying for power in each of the provinces throughout the world. For more information on exactly what a Vanarch is and what they can do, check out En Masse Entertainment's Political System Guide.

So what are your plans?

Many of you have been asking what Territ plans to do, and after much deliberation, we can finally tell you. The main Territ guild will not be running for Vanarch, nor will our overflow/alt guild, Subterrit. Instead, the Territ Enhancement Suite folks (our Hardcore PvP guild) will run, with Territ and Subterrit to support them. TES is better suited to run a province, as they are all level 60 and willing to put in the necessary time. However, TES lacks one thing: numbers. There are only a handful of members in TES, while Territ and Subterrit together have well over 500. We can use this to our advantage to help put TES in office and make sure they have the resources necessary to govern properly.

What can we do to help?

You can start by praising the Territ Enhancement Suite guild every day on all of your level 10 or higher characters. If you have never done this before it is as simple as opening the menu (hit Esc while in-game) and going to the Social Menu and clicking on "Guilds On Server". From this menu, search for Territ Enhancement Suite and then click the "Praise" button next to their guild. Praise is like upvoting, but with the added bonus that TES can cash in on our upvotes if they end up in office. Praise will directly translate to something called "Policy Points" (Again, see the Political System Guide) that Vanarchs will need for things like enabling the various NPCs such as brokers and trainers throughout the province. Remember, voting for Territ or Subterrit won't help us, as neither of those guilds are running in the election. Make sure your vote goes to the Territ Enhancement Suite guild instead.

What province are we running for?

Registration begins on Friday, so we want to hear from you on this as soon as possible. You can either get in contact with the guild leaders (Sekhmet, Elbrar, and Sylley) in-game, or you can leave a comment on reddit. Our current top five is such:

  • Ostagarth (Fane of Kaprima, Castanica area, Cutthroat Harbor area)
  • Lorcada (Ebon Tower, Kalseik)
  • Veritas District (Bastion, Balder's Temple)
  • Val Kaeli (Valsekyr Hunt)
  • Helkan District (Shariar)

These are all primarily high level zones, with the exception of Ostagarth that spans a whole range of levels starting from around 30 and going all the way to 60. High level zones will be well populated and will continue to grow as more people reach the level cap. Members will be spending a lot of time in these zones, and it is beneficial for us to have control over one of them. A lot of cash also changes hands in these areas, giving us the potential to help fund the guild even with very low tax rates. Also considered would be a low level zone like Arcadia, which would allow us to offer our newer, low level members some additional protection once they get off the Island of Dawn and into Lumbertown. We want to hear your thoughts on the matter, so please let us know!

What about our other two votes? Couldn't Territ and Subterrit run also?

While three votes and three guilds does sound like a nice idea, we don't have the resources to mange three provinces. It costs a large amount of Policy Points just to keep NPC vendors operating during reign, and it will be hard enough to generate them for one province, nevermind three. In addition to that, Sylley and the TES people have forged an alliance with the Yakuza guild, and are in deliberations with Sinister Swarm as well.

So who do we vote for?

When the voting phase comes up in just over a week, each of you will get three votes. We would ask that one of your votes goes to Sylley, the Guild Leader of Territ Enhancement Suite, and another goes to Aoishi, the Guild Leader of Yakuza. Depending how talks go with Sinister Swarm, we may also ask you give your third vote to them. We'll make sure to keep you updated.

Inactive Characters Removed

In an effort to move main characters from Subterrit into Territ, all characters in Territ that have not connected since April 30th (the last day of Head Start, when the game was available to play for free) have been kicked. If you were kicked and actually do have the game and wish to join Territ again, just apply. We needed the room for other characters, it was nothing personal.

Just how many guilds does Territ have, anyway?

As many of you are probably aware by now, Territ does not have just one guild; In fact we have three. You may have seen people running around with "[Subterrit]" or "[Territ Enhancement Suite]" guild tags above their heads and wondered who they were. Both Subterrit and Territ Enhancement Suite are official sister guilds of Territ, and each has a purpose.

Our Guilds:

  • Territ:

The original guild for redditors, Territ exists to bring players together, help them find parties, and give them a sane channel to chat in (Because we all know how wonderful /area is). Territ is a casual guild with open recruitment and no membership requirements.

  • Subterrit:

Subterrit was created as an overflow guild once the main Territ guild filled up. Now that TERA has launched, we will be merging Subterrit members back into Territ, and keeping Subterrit as a guild for our alts.

  • Territ Enhancement Suite:

TES is Territ's answer to Hardcore PvP. It is a smaller guild with controlled entry (read: You will be screened before acceptance into the guild) and a focus on PvP combat.

As of Today Saturday, 2012 May 5:

  • Territ will be ejecting all players who participated in Open Beta, but have not logged on since then. These players most likely did not purchase the game, and are just taking up space in the guild. If you logged on even once since the Headstart period began, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Subterrit members should move their main character over to the main Territ guild. The fastest way to leave Subterrit is to type "/gquit" (without the quotations) and then apply to Territ from the Guilds On Server pane. Territ is full again. Subterrit is back to being overflow. Sorry! We'll periodically clear out inactive Territ members so people can move over.
  • Members with more than one character already in Territ should move the additional ones over to Subterrit. Subterrit is the new home for Territ alts.
  • Members wishing to join TES can apply through the Guilds On Server pane. Please be at least level 40 60 before submitting your application.

If you have questions or comments you can contact the following people in-game:

  • Sekhmet - Guild Lead for Territ
  • Elbrar - Guild Lead for Subterrit
  • Sylley - Guild Lead for Territ Enhancement Suite