Roster clear

The Roster will be purged before character creation starts. We will only be accepting moderators back into the guild before Open Beta, so that they may continue to use the site features which require being a guild moderator. Before Open Beta starts, we will have more concrete instructions on how to properly join the guild, so that we can try to keep the website in sync with the game.


Welcome to, the website of the Territ guild on NA TERA Online. We mostly play on Valley of Titans (PvP), but some people are playing on Arachnaea (PvE). If you're looking for TeamSpeak information, head on over to the Chat page. If you're looking to add yourself to the roster, register for an account then add your character to your account and you'll show up on the roster once a moderator approves you.

We're still working out some of the kinks in the website, but it should be mostly functional. We'll have even more cool stuff up before TERA NA hits retail, so keep checking back! We're hoping to have some leveling guides and other stuff like that.

Setting up the site

Hi all. You probably know me as Elbrar in-game. I'm working on getting this website up and running. For right now, we don't really have very much here yet, but hopefully before CBT3 we'll have some awesome stuff ready. Top priority right now is chat (IRC) and TeamSpeak information, then probably the roster.

Go ahead and register an account now, even though there isn't much to do with it yet. You'll need this to sign up on the roster, and it's also used to log in on IRC.

Note that there will be a lot of places that the website (and emails it sends) that refer to; that is another website I operate, and the back-end code on this website is nearly identical to the code there.

You also will find broken links and images, these kinks will be worked out soon!

Test News Post

This is a test news post. It should work fine.